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I have received Botox, under eye filler, and lip filler from nurse Muna and it is the best decision I’ve ever made for my face. I had previously received lip filler from a very popular and famous Beverly Hills clinic where I paid 1k for lip filler and I literally looked like a clown it was so terrible. Once it was dissolved I found Muna and she made my lips look so natural!… I will never go or trust anyone else!

Lauren O

Nurse Muna is the best. She is really knowledgeable. She takes the time to understand what you need. Her bed manners are exceptional. She helped me reverse some issues I had. Her treatments improved my skin and my complexion. I highly recommend My Youth Bank and nurse Muna.

Danyella C.

Muna is the ONLY person I will trust with my lips. I’ve been to several injectors and she is the only one who makes them look plump and natural at the same time. She truly is an artist. One of my favorite things about her is she is honest. She won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. She made me look amazing for my wedding and I’m forever grateful.!

Lacey R.

I am so glad that I found Nurse Muna who is an amazing injector. I’m so happy with my result with her, the Neurotoxin for my little wrinkles and strong masseter and lip filler for natural looking with beautiful shape. She’s such a perfectionist who knows benefits and disadvantages of those cosmetic procedures and she only does great ones that can bring you youth and beauty. Can’t wait to try Scarlet and Agnes by her. Thank you so much, Nurse Muna.


First time under the needle here! Muna is so amazing and she really listens to her clients and takes the time to understand their needs and desired results. Muna had a great eye for aesthetics and if you want a natural look she knows how to gauge what will work for different face types. This is honestly a skill that is not to be overlooked, she really is an artist!

Desi R